Zophie Felina

Trashy & Glammy In New York City: A Report On BEECHWOOD

“What happens when an anti-social petty thief, a male hustler, and a delinquent runaway come together to join forces in the streets of New York City? One of two things, usually. Either the birth of a gang of misfit criminals with a combined rap sheet longer than Bedford Avenue, or a legendary rock’ n ‘roll band. Luckily, for society’s sake, the latter has turned out to be true for Beechwood, whose authenticity , youth, energy and unpredictability is unmatched in today’s music world. You may love them, you may hate them, but one thing is for sure... You won’t forget them!”

Interviews: A conversation with NuSoul, the Poet

In this country, there have been people in high positions who have profited on keeping America divided. However, along the way we’re still going to have different opinions, but as human beings we should still be able to overcome and look past the divide and have a civilized conversation by exercising our First Amendment rights as Americans. On the contrary, it’s not about who’s culture is the best. It’s about Kingdom Culture, and there is nothing greater than the Kingdom of God. As the Dawn approaches, I had the opportunity to speak with NuSoul, who is originally from Monroe Louisiana and now resides in Beaumont Texas, where he talks about his Debut EP, “Welcome 2 the Dawn,” the era of mumble rap, Prince, the Mount Rushmore of Hip Hop, Black Lives Matter, and Candace Owens.
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